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17 December 2009 @ 06:40 am
Last week I spent some time researching batch processing programs. Those things are so important because they litercally take hours off of the total time required to screencap one movie or episode. Until last week, I was renaming files and replacing large blocks of text by hand whenever I needed to code new pages for my Avatar screencaps.

So here they are.

Lupas Remane 2000 will rename one or all files in a directory. It renamed all 5.624 of my District 9 screenshots in one batch process in less than ten seconds. :D

Text Crawler
finds and replaces single lines of text in 1 or more text, html, or word documents.

Block Text Replacer
will find and replace large blocks of text and code throughout any type of document--as many documents as you want at any given time. <-- This thing pretty much saves my life. :D I can simultaneously change the code of every single html page on piandao.org. There are more than 4,000 pages on that site! (No, really.)

The best part is, all these programs are free! :D Seriously, people, I'm cheap! Internet freebies are love. <3

... And I don't know what LiveJournal's problem is but whenever I post, it runs my paragraphs together as if they're meant to be one paragraph.  I really need to stop using this idiotic rich text editor. -_-