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02 July 2007 @ 03:44 pm

Here it is... Angry EK citizens versus angry FN colonists who fight each other using the technology they steal from abandoned FN outposts and bases throughout the kingdom after Aang defeats Ozai and the FN has withdrawn it's troops. Normal people kill each other and commit brutal acts of terrorism while the leaders of the world sit around because they're so overwhelmed by the hatred and brutality exhibited by "Normal People" that they don't know what to do.  The EK can't even keep up with all the lawbreakers, and the FN can't bring in troops to "babysit" the colonies since that would look provocative and probably violate a couple of newly-signed treaties.  Maybe throw in some rogue Dai Li who have amassed an army of brainwashed soldiers (some of whom are young, impressionable children), and some guy who invents handguns so he can just shoot FN people before they can Firebend at him, and an occasional crazy like General Fong, or some zealouts like Col. Mongke, and the technological advancements of giant mechanical devices that can steamroll over entire villages in a day, and you've got a recipe for fun!  Normal, everyday, no name people can do a lot of damage when they're really angry and they get together on large groups and decide to take matters into their own hands. <3

I really love this scenario.  It's dark and bleak and has an almost hopeless feel to it.  The war's supposedly over by Book 3's end, but the world's in worse shape than it's ever been in.  And the Earth Kingdom is like the wild west or, in this case, I guess it would be the Wild East.

So yeah,  The idea there was that people would use technology like giant mechanical devices they created using the spare parts of abandoned tanks and other Fire Nation weapons and vehicles to destroy towns and villages.  The Earth Kingdom would be a cross between a lawless land of criminal enterprise and opportunity, and a warzone.

I have this reocurring idea that some old EK guy invented the handgun as a means of protection against the FN, made copies of his prototype, and distributed them to his friends and family so there would be an unknown (and growing) number of this new weapon in circulation.  When you introduce handguns into the mix, that makes bending pretty irrelevant.  It really levels the playing field for nonbenders.  I mean, you're dead before you even take a bending/fighting stance.  Maybe Toph or Aang would stand a chance if someone tried to shoot them at close range since they have Toph!Vision.  Someone would be out of business before they even pulled out their gun.  But Toph or Aang versus a sharp shooter from a hundred yards away?  It would depend on how far their Toph!Vision extends.

Of course, you have archers like the Yu Yan who have amazing precision. Let's face it, though.  A toddler can be taught to point and shoot a gun.  It really isn't that hard.  I can shoot a gun and hit a harget the size of a box from about 30 yards and I'm legally blind.  An unsuspecting master could get gunned down by a 5 year old.  As much as gun violence and children repulses me in real life, it makes for some pretty entertaining fan fiction.

Another idea, taken from this post dated for December 3, 2006.
Energy bending. The idea behind this is simple: People can bend energy. *lol* I had this idea that Zuko as well as other people could have this power where they could literally bend the energy around them and use it as a shield (kinda like an invisible forcefield) to protect themselves from incoming attacks. It's a completely defensive tactic. It's a combination of using your own energy and the energy of nature (you know, like how gravity pushes us down but we provide resistance to it?) and the energy of the incoming attack against your opponent. So basically, if your opponent hurls a rock at you with Earthbending, his or her own energy, which is generated because of bending, will be used against them.

The downside is this: You can only use this power if you're in neutral or negative Jing. You can't attack someone with this power or the energy you dispel during any offensive attack will come back on you. Another drawback is that you can't manifest this ability unless you're mind is calm and focused. This is the kind of ability that you can only achieve after you've opened your chakras or reached a certain level of spiritual enlightenment.

The good thing is, anybody can master this ability as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort required to really focus their mind and hone in on the energy that's all around them. It's almost like a Mind Over Matter thing.

I also had the idea that people could teach themselves how to attract objects using energy bending? The downside to being able to attract an object is that you attract objects that are within your field the way a magnet attracts metal objects that are in it's magnetic field. It does pick and choose which metal objects it wants to attract. They're all attracted to it. So if you want to attract a scroll to you, or you want to disarm a swordsman by literally pulling the sword right out of his hand, you also might end up pulling a knife that's sitting on a nearby table toward you as well. If that knife comes flying at you from the wrong angle, you could end up stabbing yourself. >_< Unlike the forcefield technique, this technique can only be used if you're attacking or in positive Jing. Obviously, if you're in negative Jing, you're repelling objects, not attracting them.

Theoretically, you could master the ability to energy bend to the point that you could be able to repel and attract objects. You'd just have to be really good at switching between attack and retreat modes. You couldn't be repelling attacks on your left side while you're trying to attract objects to your right side. I'm thinkin' something like that could actually be deadly. Or maybe they cancel each other out and these abilities become useless...

This is basically telekenisis for the Avatar world because you are pretty much controlling things with your mind by manipulating the energy around them.

I like to think that people in the Avatar world have these amazing powers that they can develop but each of these powers has a terrible drawback if it's abused or misused.


I had this idea that Zuko would wander around the EK after he fled Ba Sing Se because he realized how crazy his sister was then climb the mountain to the Eastern Air Temple because the Eastern Air Temple is the last place Azula would think to look for him. *lol* The Guru's up there, waiting...

While he was at the Eastern Air Temple, he read some old scrolls written eons ago by previous Avatars and Air Nomads about the true nature of bending. He learns of an ancient Avatar who could bend during a solar eclipse which he originally thought was just crazy. Then he figures out that there's energy and heat all around us. The earth generates it's own heat and plants store sunlight. So then he figures that the true essence of Firebending is that heat is everywhere, and that a true master can pull heat from any source and turn that into fire. He practices his firebending at night and tries to hone in on the heat being given off by nature and the earth and he ends up developing this technique of Firebending that allows him to pull the heat from the earth's magma core. In interesting side effect is this also gives him an ability to analyze the heat that's radiated from the objects around him so he basically becomes a human heat detector. If you were to end up in his zone, he'd be able to track your movements through the heat you radiate. Some things give off more heat than others. He could tell humans from animals from plants from other objects based on temperature and movement and behavior (or lack of movement).

I also think it would be fun if Zuko could just fly around with Firebending. Azula propelled herself forward in the season 2 finale which, as far as I'm concerned, means she's got jet packs for feet and hands. I just think it would be cool if Zuzu flew around the EK. I had a dream about it...

Everybody wants Zuko to be the Firelord. I just want him to be a crazy vigilanti with nutty Firebending who wanders around the EK and terrorizes stupid people and picks on Sokka all day long. Who wants to be the Firelord, anyway? It sounds like a shit job. And redemption...is overrated. I think it would be funny if Zuko decided not to redeem himself in the way the narrative for the show is set up (which won't happen) and he abdicated and decided to wander around and do his own thing. Zuko's not cut out to be the Firelord anyway. It takes more than good intentions to lead a nation. Iroh should do that because that's his damn job. :/

Also *lol* at Zuko being nice to Katara before Azula showed up. I don't ever want Zuko to be that nice. It's creepy.

Hopefully, that stuff made sense.