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03 September 2008 @ 11:03 pm
Random Stuff  
I got bored yesterday monring and wrote up some biograpical data on my OC, Ling Mei.

Name: Ling Mei (said like May)

Nation: Fire Nation

Bender: No

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown (Her hair is a wild curly mess that she refuses to ever style.)

Age: 35 - 40

Clothing: Likes wearing expensive summer dresses and open-toed sandals.

Height/Weight: Short, 5'1 or 5'2, with a tiny frame, (around 100 lbs) and she's athletic which comes from years of fighting and wielding a sword.

Weapon: Double-edged straight sword, (also referred to as a jian but I don't use this term because it isn't used in the show) personality, and anything that sounds good when it thwacks against someone's head (a chair, a shovel, grandpa's wooden leg, grandpa, and so on...).

Skill Level: Proficient (But she'd sooner put her fist through your face or beat your brains in with a lead pipe than cut you with a blade.)

Job(s): Prostitute, Elements Hustler (Elements being a popular card game.), Professional Gambler, Bounty Poacher, Bomb Maker. She works hard for the money day and night because girlfriend likes living the high life. Plus she has to have money saved up so that when Master Piandao bails her out of jail, she can repay him immediately.

Flaws: Lacks self-discipline, restraint, and tact. She will be mean and hateful to those who cross her. She is often reckless and foolish, particularly when she is provoked. She hasn't figured out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Strengths: She finds reasons to enjoy life and have fun. Her loyalty to those she loves is unwavering. She is honest and very hard-working.

Family: Dad, mom, and a brother who aren't important enough to the story to have names.

History: At the age of twelve, Ling Mei came to Master Piandao looking to bum some free sword lessons from him though she refused to answer his question about why she thought she should be allowed to learn from him at the initial interview. Seeing that she was obviously a runaway or a homeless girl based on her appearance, he decided that she could earn her lessons and her keep by doing odd jobs for him around the house until she decided she was ready to return home.  She never went home and she never answered his initial interview question. She had proved her worth by being loyal, working hard, and by respecting his house rules and his teachings while she was in his presence, so the question became irrelevant.

What started as a teenager's crush turned into something more as Ling Mei grew close to Piandao.  At the age of twenty, she asked him to marry her.  He said no.

I had this idea that Firebenders--Firebending Masters--could be like human heat sekers.  They could be blindfolded, walk into a room, and tell how many people were in there just by feeling the heat radiated from their bodies.  I even took this thought one step further by thinking that, like Toph, a blind Firebender could use Firebending to see by sensing the heat in the objects, people, and animals around them.  I'm sure there are ways that Waterbending and Airbending Masters could do this as well.  I just haven't given the matter a whole lot of thought.  The idea just kinda came to me a little while ago.

(Anonymous) on September 4th, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
nice thinking!
redbrunja: Waterbending Master (Katara)redbrunja on September 4th, 2008 05:29 pm (UTC)
Oh, she sounds awesome! Will there be more romance between Piando and her?

And I bet watermasters could do something similar to firebenders if they're blind - sensing the flow of water in things.