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01 June 2008 @ 10:00 am
Fandom, last night I had a dream that Master Piandao challenged Sifu Kisu to a duel because Kisu wouldn't watch Project Runway with him. :'(  Mai's like "I hate Project Runway" while Sokka's all complainy because Kisu needed to barrow his "Magical Space Sword".  Piandao tells Kisu that they're the same person so he and Piandao should both like watching Project Runway.  Then Kisu makes fun of Piandao because he's apparently been wearing his shoes on the wrong feet the whole time.

Since Kisu and Piandao are the same person...so they can pretty much block every single move the other guy makes.

Toph: "Look at 'em... Sword fighting like an old married couple."
Mai: "This is gonna take forever!"
Ty Lee: "I hope we don't run out of popcorn."
Aang: "Don't worry. We'll send Momo on a food run later."
Momo: *chirps*
Meanwhile, Katara is sucker-punching Sokka in the arm because he won't stop complaining about the rising cost of Dingos.
Zuko randomly yells "TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME!" and Iroh's like *lol* "Whut? You haven't been yourself since you joined the Avatar's group, Prince Zuko."
Then Zuko's all mad because "Crazy things always happen when we let you pick out the day's activities, Uncle. Now we have to watch this guy sword fight with himself!"
Katara's like, "Shut up, Zuko, you bitch!" <-- In every dream I've ever had featuring both Zuko and Katara, she always says this to him. He could be saying nothing and she'd tell him to shut up and call him a bitch.