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10 January 2008 @ 03:37 am
I had a crazy dream where Haru was just sitting there, minding his own business, eating a bowl of food, when his mustache grew a pair of tiny legs and walked right off of his face.  It was crazy.  And he just sat there eating as though he wasn't even aware that his mustache was running down his front and heading into the woods.  Talking!Momo watched it as it ran by then he looks at Haru. Momo's like "Dude, ya gonna eat that?", notioning toward the fleeing mustache, and Haru just shruged like he didn't even give a crap so Momo pounced on it like he did thosecave hoppers in The Headband and ate it.


I was going through my old IRC chat logs, some of which date all the way back to 1999, and I decided to use actual quotes from the logs to make a crackfic conversation thingy in which Avatar characters chat it up on IRC.  Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about:

Real IRC Conversation from 2002:
[14:23] * Drakstern throws Shinji at RD
[14:23] *** Drakstern was kicked by RD (In Soviet Russia, Shinji throws you.)
[14:23] (Dances_with_elvis): lol
[14:23] * CookieS rubs SC's boobie.
[14:24] (CC): O.o
[14:24] (Evil_Asian_Genius): :O
[14:24] (Plushu): :o
[14:25] (Evil_Asian_Genius): No snuzzle. ;.;
[14:26] * Incantrix prepares for SC's impending wrath by hiding under Geoduck's skirt.
[14:26] *** CookieS was kicked by Plushu (Welcome to the rock!)
[14:26] (Fraser): omg wtf? lol
[14:27] (Incanitrx): x.X
[14:27] (Geoduck): He was making a wish.
[14:27] (CC): A death wish.
[01:28] * Zervon has quit IRC (Quit: Lord I need to put a snap crotch in the fuku!)
[01:28] (Pudduh): You and me both, brother!

Now, we'll just do a little tinkering here and there and a couple of quick edits and . . .
[14:23] * Zuko throws Shinji at Katara
[14:23] *** Zuko was kicked by Katara (In Soviet Russia, Shinji throws you.)
[14:23] * Piandao rubs Ursa's boobie.
[14:24] (Toph): lol whut?
[14:24] (Katara): :o
[14:26] * Mai prepares for Ursa's impending wrath by hiding in Ty Lee's cleavage.
[14:26] *** Piandao was kicked by Ursa (BITCH PLZ!)
[14:27] (Aang): Maybe he was making a wish.
[14:27] (Sokka): A death wish.
[01:28] * Iroh has quit IRC (Quit: Lord I need to put a snap crotch in the fuku!)
[01:28] (Azula): You and me both, brother!
contentabusecontentabuse on January 10th, 2008 10:50 pm (UTC)
shinji? As in Neon Evangelion shinji? Cause that would make maybe 10% more sense to me . . .
SCplushulala on January 11th, 2008 12:23 am (UTC)
Yes, Shinji from EVA. We use to have a couple of babies who logged on who constantly whined about everything and we called them Shinji's children. So Shinji became a bit of a running joke on the channel. Then Drak (Drakstern) use to always love telling those "In Soviet Russia" jokes so it was like the best inside joke ever.