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09 January 2008 @ 12:52 pm
Rambling About Bending  
I believe that psychic bending is a natural progression for benders. We're in the middle of Book 3, so I don't think it'll show up in A:TLA. Unless you count Combustion Man (if that's what he's doing).  If they keep the story going past A:TLA, they're going to have to do other things with bending because viewers get bored.

I did a write up on a thing called energy bending which is where people literally bend energy.  There's energy all around everything, and people should be able to use it to control their environments. But something like that would require a lot of mental focus. I'm thinking telekinesis for a lot of energy benders (for moving small objects). and telepathy, and teleportation (for the true masters of energy bending)... Plus, I think any kind of energy bending would be directly related to the spirit world. Hei-bai shoots energy beams from it's
mouth! Spirits like Roku's dragon can pass through solid objects. Aang can leave his body and travel as a stream of light.. One second Aang was standing on a branch, the next second, it melted away which could imply the place is "fluid", rather than solid. Or maybe that branch was just a figment of Aang's imagination..

I'm trying to build on A:TLA's world for a fic I'm not writing.  I'm trying to work out the logistics of energy bending vs. elemental bending since I want to deal with character who have developed what most would consider "supernatural" abilities that they use to control their environments.

I have this theory that there's no time in the Spirit World... Or that the time scale there is vastly different from the physical world's. Or maybe time passes normally but they just don't care because it doesn't affect them the way it does us, implying that things like death, erosion, and decay don't exist there. So someone could go into the spirit world at age 40, come out two hundred years later and still be age 40.

Another theory I had, since I was toying around with the idea that time isn't linear in the spirit world, was that people could move back and forth from the physical world to the spirit world and, cross back over to the physical world into a different time period if they knew what portals to exit the spirit world through. Or they can open up portals or spiritual "worm holes" to travel to different spiritual places on the earth like the air temples, the north pole, and other places of spiritual significance since distance in a place like the spirit world is "fluid". The physics in that place are probably completely different from the physical world. There's no elemental bending there.. Aang had to meditate just to get into the place which suggested humans have to have a certain level of mental discipline just to enter. Or be forced in like Sokka was... I like the idea that the spirit world is a place of thought and a person could influence their environment there using their mind which is why I've attached energy bending to having a certain level of mental focus.

A lot of people view the spirit world as the "afterlife". But it seems more like it's a weird dimension or plane of existence with a lot of eccentric beings. I think only the living can travel there (Iroh and Aang), and then only under a unique set of circumstances.

Of course, the big thing is, if bending is spiritual, then why can't the Avatar bend in the spirit world? It seems like, if it's spiritual, it should be attached to your spirit, even in the spirit world. Perhaps animals like the skybisons and badger moles crossed over into the physical world like the Tui and La did. So it's spiritual because the original benders were spirits?

Another big "what?" is how do cosmic events tie into elemental bending? I get the mood and ocean thing with the lunar eclipse. I don't really get the solar eclipse one that much. And the comet...  I never did understand that because they're made of rock and ice. And what other cosmic events effect bending. Shooting stars? Planetary alignments? Shifts in polarity?