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10 August 2010 @ 03:27 am
Rambling: Day 8.625  
Why does fic written about Zuko's attempts to find Ursa have to be so complicated? Wouldn't it make sense to pay June to help him find her? He carried Iroh's flipflop around for months. He's probably got something of Ursa's stashed away in his pocket: a piece of jewelry or a hair piece--something with her scent on it. Or he could just get something form her room. It took them less than a day to travel across the Earth Kingdom to find Iroh. I never understood the premise that Everyone Has To Stop What They're Doing For Three Months So They Can Find Ursa. Finding Ursa wouldn't be a Legendary Quest. It's not the sort of thing you could write a sensible multi-chapter story about unless you had other things going on. It definitely isn't the kind of thing that would merit it's own mini-series. Zuko could just have June on retainer. For that matter, so could the OWL. Ursa = Found. Kuei = Found. Space Sword and Boomerang, covered in Sokka's scent = Found. No one and no thing should ever go missing for too long in this universe.

Oh yeah... This reminded me of when I thought Toph's dad would hire June to find Toph. That could have been interesting...
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