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13 August 2007 @ 11:04 pm
"Chasing The Avatar" is a fic idea I've been daydreaming about - an idea in which I write the stories of Zuko and his quest to hunt down and capture Aang but the stories are told only from the point-of-views of the members of Zuko's crew - Jee, the Engineer, the Helmsman, even the cook. Jee is actually my favorite minor character and I've always been fascinated with the thoughts of what life would be like sailing the high seas with Zuko and Iroh, and getting sucked into all of Zuko's drama and misadventures.

"Avatar: The Last Timebender" is a story, based loosely on a crazy dream I had, where Aang, in his effort to master the Avatar State, ends up, through a freak accident, hurling himself through time. Think A:TLA meets Quantum Leap! While he travels through time, he meets dopplegangers of his friends and enemies.

The dream actually centered around Sokka's doppleganger - an Ensign serving aboard a Star Trek type of ship, set in the far off future where space travel is commonplace. Sokka's twin is young, excitable, funny, and he's the idea guy for the ship. He and Aang hit it off but Aang's crushed to learn that there's a world - a universe - that no longer seems to need the Avatar. Sokka's twin explains how technology and innovation fill that void for humanity now. Aang's also frustrated because everything is made of inorganic materials, mainly alloys and plastics, so ability to bend has been limited.

As a silly side thought, I had an idea that, when Aang visits our time, he ends up waking up in Zuko's a.k.a. Harold's garage. Zuko's his stage name. He's, of course, in an emo band. He's a pyromaniac, and an awkward emo dork who loves burning things and loves "Grease". He decides that Danny Zuko is his hero. Across the street, his normal, friendly neighbor, Katara, is the daughter of a decorated Fire Fighter. He calls her "The Ice Queen" because she loves playing hockey, and she can hit him in the head with a puck from across the street and knock him unconscious.

I'm still looking for appropriate time and character placements for Toph and Iroh.

At the end, and this was actually in the dream, Aang ends up one hundred years in the past - the very day he ran away from The Southern Air Temple. Aang realizes that he can make a different choice. He can stay and fight the Fire Nation when they first attack the Air Temples. With his failure to control the Avatar State, he's almost certain he'll eventually be overwhelmed by them, especially since they'll have the comet to aid them and he realizes that, by staying, he'll never meet Katara, Sokka, Toph, or even Zuko and Iroh. He also realizes that, if he dies now, one hundred years from now, when the comet makes it's return, the balance will be forever lost if the Fire Nation manages to wipe out the Water Tribes as well.
Chibi Halochibihalo on August 14th, 2007 04:28 am (UTC)
I like to believe the shocked looks on the faces of the live action stars watching the TV in the full version of the preview commercial is at the sight of Aang with hair. It makes more sense for them to be that way in the preview when the Avatar stuff is at the end.
SC: pic#64911990plushulala on August 14th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
Oh... Good point.

I just noticed that Sokka and what looks like that serpent from "The Serpent's Pass" are in their for about a half of a second.