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07 January 2013 @ 09:14 am

Book 1: Air -- 1080p JPEG Screenshots:
12/24/12 -- 2,113 Screenshots From "Welcome To Republic City"
12/24/12 -- 2,560 Screenshots From "A Leaf In the Wind"
12/30/12 -- 2,759 Screenshots From "The Revelation"
    1/6/13 -- 2,394 Screenshots From "The Voice In the Night"
  1/29/13 -- 3,367 Screenshots From "The Spirit of Competition"
    2/7/13 -- 3,182 Screenshots From "And the Winner Is. . . "
  7/31/13 -- 2,369 Screenshots From "The Aftermath"
    8/3/13 -- 2,361 Screenshots From "When Extremes Meet"
  8/11/13 -- 2,671 Screenshots From "Out of the Past"
  8/13/13 -- 3,178 Screenshots From "Turning the Tides"
  8/16/13 -- 2,388 Screenshots From "Out of the Closet"
  8/17/13 -- 2,947 Screenshots From "Endgame"

Book 2: Spirits -- 1080p JPEG Screenshots:
  9/15/13 -- 2,672 Screenshots From "Rebel Spirit"
  9/17/13 -- 2,265 Screenshots From "The Southern Lights"
  9/22/13 -- 2,152 Screenshots From "Civil Wars, Part 1"
  9/29/13 -- 1,833 Screenshots From "Civil Wars, Part 2"
  10/7/13 -- 2,199 Screenshots From "Peacekeepers"
10/13/13 -- 2,280 Screenshots From "The Sting"
10/20/13 -- 2,762 Screenshots From "Beginnings, Part 1"
10/21/13 -- 3,070 Screenshots From "Beginnings, Part 2"
  11/3/13 -- 1,842 Screenshots From "The Guide"
11/10/13 -- 2,521 Screenshots From "A New Spiritual Age"
11/18/13 -- 3,225 Screenshots From "Night of A Thousand Stars"
11/19/13 -- 3,146 Screenshots From "Harmonic Convergence"
11/20/13 -- 4,158 Screenshots From "Darkness Falls"
11/26/13 -- 3,469 Screenshots From "Light In the Dark"

Book 1: Air -- 1080p JPEG Panshots:
12/24/12 -- "Welcome To Republic City"
12/24/12 -- "A Leaf In the Wind"
    1/1/13 -- "The Revelation"
    1/8/13 -- "The Voice In the Night"
  1/31/13 -- "The Spirit of Competition"
    7/6/13 -- "And the Winner Is. . . "
  9/24/13 -- "The Aftermath"

Book 2: Spirits -- 1080p JPEG Panshots:
  9/24/13 -- "Rebel Spirit"
  10/1/13 -- "The Southern Lights"
  10/1/13 -- "Civil Wars, Part 1"
12/21/13 -- "Civil Wars, Part 2"
12/21/13 -- "Peacekeepers"
12/21/13 -- "The Sting"
10/22/13 -- "Beginnings, Part 1"
12/19/13 -- "Beginnings, Part 2"
19 January 2018 @ 02:40 am
I've been on tumblr since, like, 2011.  I'm @ piandaoist.tumblr.com.
09 February 2017 @ 03:25 am
So, apparently, some of my posts have gone missing from this thing. :(  I've been using my lj to archive certain posts like fanfic ideas and links to various ATLA / Korra theme media.  But I guess I can't do that anymore if lj is just randomly deleting things. ;_;
Yesterday, I posted about the 12 Noble Houses of the Fire Nation and how they were originally administered by the Fire Sages who once also ruled over the Fire Nation, before the Fire Lord usurped their control.  But, over the centuries, the political landscape has changed for a variety of reasons and the noble Houses are no longer under the care of sages.  None of the sages in Aang's time can trace their lineages back to any of the noble Houses which should be a indicator of just how far out of political favor they have fallen.

Meet Ren CiCollapse )

I'm still developing Ren and the important members of her House. Comments and criticisms are welcome.

The book, "The Lost Scrolls: Fire", tells the story of the Fire Sages, how they were the Fire Nation's governing council until the Fire Lord (or head sage), so called that because he was the most powerful firebender and the most spiritually connected to fire, broke from them and took the rulership with him. The sages we see in Winter Solstice, Part 2, The Avatar And the Fire Lord, and the series finale are a dying breed, relics of an earlier time, who's only purpose now is to babysit Roku's temple and feed the Fire Lord information about the Avatar, or advise the Fire Lord in spiritual matters (and guard the secrets held in the Dragon Bone catacombs, apparently).

Everything under the cut has been manufactured as part of my own world-building for an AU fic.

Read more...Collapse )
21 July 2013 @ 08:36 am
So probably the best crossover fic I've ever read is this Inuyasha / Aqua Teen crossover I read a few years ago.  You probably shouldn't read it if you actually like Inuyasha..
13 April 2013 @ 04:33 am
"Iroh, I don't appreciate you walking around with fire burning off the top of your head.  Ozai was right about one thing: you do suck at politics!"
10 March 2013 @ 03:19 am
I've been toying with the idea that members of the OWL who were FN helped Sozin colonize the EK behind Roku's and the Grand Lotus's backs because they had loved ones who stood to gain from it. But I was also toying with the idea that Sozin had an older brother, a person who wasn't a firebender. But their father was going to let him rule upon his death, anyway.  The Order itself had a problem with that since it would have gone against thousands of years of tradition and could possibly throw the Fire Nation into a civil war. So, one day, when he's fifteen and Sozin is eleven, the brother leaves for an outing with some friends, and is never heard from again.  When he never pops up to challenge Sozin's ascension, he's assumed to be dead.  His absence is seen as an automatic abdication.

Roku goes on his own search for the brother when he realizes just how crazy Sozin is in the hopes he can persuade the brother to challenge Sozin to an Agni Kai with him backing his power grab. But the Order was always one step ahead of Roku... I thought it would be interesting if Roku knew about the Order's existence and what they were capable of because some of his previous incarnations had been Order members, and the Order itself was founded by one of his past lives. The Order would also know that he had this knowledge which is why they would work hard to keep him as far out of their business as possible. He suspected the Order were responsible for the brother's disappearance... And then there's the unexpected eruption of volcanoes on his home island. (Just imagine the kinds of natural disasters a team of bending masters could create.) Maybe Roku seemed to be uninvolved in what Sozin was doing because he was on this obsessive search to find the brother, and because he found himself being called out to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters he suspected were created by the Order as a diversionary tactic when he was getting to close to finding the truth.

Of course this all becomes relevant in the present when Aang becomes fully-realized and learns of what the Order's capable of. But then I have to go from "Aang knows that Roku thought the Order was responsible for the disappearance of Sozin's brother (and various natural disasters that killed thousands of people)." to "Aang asks the Order to babysit the next Avatar". Of course, there's a lot of time that passes between these events.. Hmm...